Welcome To Just Right Pool Service/Repair And Pool Maintenance Made Easy – The Book

Young Family Relaxing In Swimming Pool

Just Right Pool Service & Repair is dedicated to make your swimming pool ownership as easy as possible. We strive to keep your pool clean, clear, and comfortable all year long. We install top quality pool equipment for long and trouble free operation.

We only use top quality chemicals and testing equipment to ensure perfect water balance. We are strong because of our integrity, honesty, and hard work. We have been in business since January of 1999.

Our motto is “Enjoy your pool and let us do the work”.

Our Weekly Service areas are Fair Oaks, Carmichael, and Sacramento. We are willing to repair or replace pool equipment within a 15 mile radius of Carmichael. CA Licensed Contractor #839086

I am the author of Pool Maintenance Made Easy, a pool maintenance book available on Amazon. I wrote this book in a simple and easy to understand way and split up into the 4 seasons and weekly tasks.

My goal is to make Pool Ownership and Maintenance; Trouble Free and Successful. There is more to pool maintenance than keeping tabs in the floater and emptying the skimmer baskets. Dividing the overall tasks into Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter and then into weekly tasks was the easiest way for me to teach other important information without overwhelming the new pool owner with too much information at once.

I hope you enjoy reading my book and find it helpful for years to come.

John Brace