How to Reduce Water Evaporation in your Pool

How to Reduce Water Evaporation in your Pool

There has been a lot of worry lately about water evaporation in our backyard swimming pools with the drought. Here are a two ways you can minimize the evaporation on your pool. Either option should reduce your water evaporation by at least half.

  1. Use a solar blanket or solar rings on your pool. Solar blankets warm the pool water and dramatically reduce evaporation. You purchase the solar blanket by length and width. The cover lies on the water directly. The cover can be cut to match the shape of your pool with scissors. Some people choose to cut the cover in half width wise to make removal and storage of the cover easier. A solar reel can also be used to roll the cover on and off the pool. If you are storing the cover in the sun folded up, you will need to cover the cover with a tarp or it will melt to itself. The best place to store the cover when not in use is in the shade. The average temperature gain in one week is 10-15 degrees.
  2. Liquid solar blankets are easy to use and they work. The liquid cover needs to be added once per week for maximum effectiveness. I have found adding the product once every other week works well too. This product is a liquid that you add to the skimmer or top of the pool when the pump is running. The liquid spreads out and forms a layer only one molecule thick that reduces evaporation and retains heat that you would normally loose each night. The average temperature gain in one week is about 5-10 degrees. The product is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and safe to swim in. The dose is about 4oz per 20,000 gallons of pool water per week.

Either product can be purchased at a pool store or through Just Right Pool Service directly. Please use this form when ordering. These options are optional of course. You can also email your order to


15 X 30 Solar Cover = $115.00

16 X 32 Solar Cover = $130.00

18 X 36 Solar Cover = $160.00

20 X 40 Solar Cover = $185.00

Please circle the size of cover you would like us to deliver.

Solar Covers have a 6 year warranty. The first year is a full warranty and the rest is prorated. It only covers manufactures defects or issues with materials or workmanship. It does not cover the bubbles popping from sun and chlorine exposure. The average solar cover lasts a maximum of 3 years (FYI).


Cover Free is the liquid solar blanket mentioned above.

1 Quart of Cover Free = $30.00 plus tax


Weekly or Bi-Weekly additions of Cover Free = $4.00 per 4oz dose (Please indicate frequency)


We can add this product for you at your desired dose/frequency if you indicate what you would like us to do. We can also deliver a quart container for you to add when you like.

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